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Technology has quickly risen to a higher level of importance in the construction industry in recent years. With tech including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of drones becoming increasingly popular within the construction sector. There’s no denying the huge range of benefits that can come with introducing new technology to your construction site. Here’s our quick overview of some of those advantages. As well as some reasons why you may want to start paying attention to brands who are innovating new technologies within construction machinery. Leaving you wondering if you should buy a Komatsu.

AI in the construction industry

Artificial intelligence is technology that began to have a much larger impact on the construction industry around the time of the Covid pandemic. Largely due to the way it can make working remotely and with less staff far easier. There are many ways AI can be used to benefit construction companies. One of these is that AI is being used to plan the routing of plumbing and electrical systems in new buildings. Another use is to track real-time interactions of site workers and machinery on the construction site. In order to alert supervisors of safety risks and potential construction errors. Helping to reduce expensive mistakes, and reducing workplace injuries.

Technology within construction machinery


Telematics use telecommunications and information processing to track vehicle operation. It’s become an important tool for operators as it helps them to maximise their machines potential. Some common issues that a telematics system can help fleet owners pick up on are excessive idling of machines and excavator work loads being misused. Having the ability to pick up on these issues can bring many benefits. Including lowering operating costs and increasing uptimes. As well as identifying training opportunities for the operators.


Although not necessarily a new piece of technology. Cameras have become a pretty essential piece of equipment to have on construction machines. Having a camera on your machine will help to aid the driver’s manoeuvrability. As well as supporting road and site safety by getting rid of vehicle blind spots, which will massively help to prevent accidents. Most newer machines come with some form of camera built in. Like this Komatsu PC138 for example, which comes with a rear camera. With many different camera options available, including side view, 360 degree and shutter cameras. It’s well worth looking into which camera would be the most useful on your construction site.

Komatsu Technology

If you’re looking to improve productivity and efficiency on your construction site. Komatsu is a company you should pay attention to. They’re always looking at ways to create the next generation of intelligent machines. Just some of the ways Komatsu are achieving this, is with tech including:

Auto-Stop Control – Eliminates over-digging past the grade desired. Allowing operators to worry less about having to rework the area and constantly check the monitor.

Auto Grade Assist – Simplifying a previously complex manual task by automatically raising the boom and bucket edge by accurately tracing the design surface.

Minimum Distance Control – By easily calibrating the bucket to the excavator. The system can then calculate the buckets nearest point to the design model. Giving operators confidence that the system will always support them when working on complex designs.

Auto Tilt Control – The system automatically adjusts the bucket to the design surface and keeps it exactly at the grade throughout the pass. With no need for manual adjustment. 

Bucket Angle Hold – Enables the operator to automatically set the bucket grading or digging angle. The system then maintains the bucket angle. Removing the need for the operator to adjust it manually.

Buy a Komatsu from International Plant Sales

If you’re looking to buy a Komatsu machine, you are in the right place. We have a wide range of Komatsu excavators for sale at IPS. Including these PC26 MR-3 machines, which include Komtrax satellite monitoring technology. Allowing you to check when and where your machines are at work. We also currently have a PC290 LC-10 in stock, which has the benefit of a rear camera and fuel saving technology.

If you choose to buy a Komatsu from IPS. You also have the benefit of purchasing a machine that only has one previous owner and is in excellent condition. As well as all machines having low hours and a warranty. We can also arrange worldwide shipping if required, to make the process easier for you.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about any of our machines. Our team will be more than happy to help you at or over the phone at +44 (0) 1634 779123


Information correct as of 08/11/22

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