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Are you looking to buy an excavator for construction purposes? With various sizes, brands and models available, there are actually multiple reasons why an excavator may be used and it’s not just for building. Having such a versatile machine could be perfect for most tasks or projects. As we delve into other sectors of work, find out more about some of the unique reasons to buy an excavator. 


Before you buy an excavator from us, it would be great to know more about the type of diggers we have for sale. 


We primarily stock Komatsu diggers at the moment due to their versatility and overall excellence rating. They are perfect for anyone that has a small scale project, or a construction site with limited spacing. 

Currently, we have the following midi and mini diggers for sale:

  • PC26
  • PC55
  • PC80


Moving onto tracked excavators for sale, these are our most popular machines. We have 13 to 49 tonne tracked excavators available, including the much requested Komatsu PC138. Customers can also buy the following:

  • PC210
  • PC360
  • PC490

Wheeled and Long Reach diggers are also other variations of excavators for sale. Unfortunately we do not have any available at present due to the scarce amount of heavy construction equipment currently available on the market. If you’re looking to buy an excavator of this size, we recommend signing up to our newsletter to be the first to know when they’re in stock. 



If you’re a film buff you may notice cameo appearances in big blockbuster films for not only actors, but also machinery. Sounds crazy right? Well it’s not! There are plenty of films, new and old, that feature construction machinery. 

Let’s start with a well known film franchise, James Bond. In 2012, Daniel Craig was seen operating a Caterpillar 320 DL excavator whilst also being on top of a train in Skyfall. For anyone outside of the construction industry, this wouldn’t mean a thing to them, but it’s exciting to see construction playing a role in more ways than one. 

Another huge smash hit in the film sector is the Transformers franchise. Manufacturers such as Kolbeco, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and even Terex play a part and make up the Decepticons in the film. Did you know this?

We’ve all seen the classic 2005 film ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ surely? The memorable house demolition scene of lead character Arthur Dent, certainly sticks out for us. Did you notice that the demolition team were made up of many JCB fan favourites including:

  • 8060 Mini Diggers
  • JCB 722 Dump Trucks
  • JCB 3CX Backhoe Loaders
  • Loadall 532-120 Telehandler, plus many more!


Moving onto TV, you may see construction machinery featured in typical programs such as DIY SOS and Countryfile. However machines have also been used around Formula One race tracks in recent years. How, we hear you ask?

JCB in particular is a manufacturer that can commonly be seen from the sidelines. Machines are relied on heavily for the clear up and pick up of crashed cars on the track. To quickly and efficiently clear the track of any obstructions, heavy machinery such as diggers are fantastic to use. 

It’s great to know that someone could buy an excavator that will essentially be used for something as exciting as this!


At International Plant Sales, we have a wide range of plant machinery available to buy. Our customers have peace of mind when buying plant from International Plant Sales, as we provide:


If customers buy an excavator or other used construction machinery from us, they will benefit from a warranty on all major parts and components. 

International Delivery

We aren’t just limited to selling to buyers in the UK. We can give customers an additional quote for international shipping, if it is required. We work with reputable and trusted shipping companies to ensure your machines arrive in great condition.

Excellent Condition

Our skilled staff at International Plant Sales will check the machine in detail when it is handed over from either H. E. Services or Diggerland. Any dents, scratches and broken parts detected on the diggers will be repaired and replaced, to ensure all of our machines are in excellent condition when sold. 


We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our machines in operation. If you would like a quote to buy an excavator for sale, or other used digger equipment, then get in touch with our sales team today.

Contact us today via email or call us on: (+44) 1634 779 123.

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The backhoe loader is possibly the most recognisable piece of machinery. As seen on pretty much every construction site, these machines have a front bucket and a backhoe loader. They’re mainly used for digging trenches, filling holes and levelling the ground. 

Despite their size, operators can dig, lift and manoeuvre the machine very easily. We currently have one JCB 3CX available, which has only clocked 574 hours! As we said, all of our second hand machines come from the four Diggerland theme parks across the country. These are regularly replaced so our stock of machines is always growing. 



Are you looking for a machine we haven’t mentioned in this blog post? Not to fear – we have plenty of used plant equipment and machine accessories available on our website. You can find our full range of construction products here.


All information correct as of 09/09/22

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