The Role of a Mini Digger

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Given the popularity of a mini digger, the cost and also the availability of this specific excavator, it’s no surprise that they are one of the most sought after machines. We guarantee you that any construction site you see, will always have one!

If you’re looking to expand your plant fleet and buy an excavator, then find out why you should consider investing in a mini digger.


A mini digger is normally classed as a machine up to the weight of 6 metric tonnes. It is instantly easy to spot this type of digger due to the size. 

Much like their larger counterparts, mini diggers are designed with a tracked chassis, either road liner pads or steel tracked. As well as a cab, boom extension and the ability to add a bucket or other digger attachment. 

Mini diggers are also capable of achieving a dig depth of 1.2m – 3.7m on average. This will depend on the model and size of the machine. If you’re choosing to use a mini digger for the project, then the restricted dig depth will not be an issue for the operator. 


Similar to larger excavators, mini diggers are capable of carrying out similar tasks, however on a smaller scale. These tasks often include:

  • Landscaping
  • Digging trenches
  • Removing tree stumps and other shrubbery
  • Digging and backfilling holes
  • Transporting small materials such as stones

Due to the versatility, mini excavators can often be used for any project within reason. Health and safety depending, of course!

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The added benefit of using a mini digger for a construction project, is the ongoing versatility. Larger excavators are already being used within the industry to carry out tasks such as trimming and cutting down trees. So why not escalate this benefit down to mini diggers too?

As we mentioned above, not only will a mini digger be used to dig trenches and lift dirt, they are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to work to your advantage. 


Moving on from versatility, the amount of digger attachments that have now been created for smaller diggers is increasing!

Often bespoke attachments and buckets are made for larger diggers such as a Komatsu PC210 or even a PC360. However, engineering and construction companies are seeing the benefits of widening the market for anyone that is looking to buy a Komatsu PC26 or other mini digger for sale. 

If you want to increase the versatility of a mini digger further then be sure to check out our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. They are the leading experts in producing  excavator attachments and buckets to fit your machinery. 


As they say, size doesn’t matter!

Normally bigger is better in most situations, however a mini digger will offer a lot more on a small construction site or project. A smaller digger has the ability to fit into confined spaces that a larger excavator may not be able to. 

Using a smaller digger will also make transporting a whole lot easier too. It will be simple to find transport, which will also be a lot more cost effective at the same time. 

Cost effective

Overall, mini diggers are cost effective. Operators can expect to pay less for:

  • Transportation
  • Maintenance and running costs
  • Price of the digger
  • Attachments

If you can use a mini digger for your projects, then check out our mini diggers for sale at International Plant Sales. 


Here at International Plant Sales we have a range of construction machinery available to purchase. In particular, mini diggers, which will be a fantastic addition to any fleet. Check out our current stock below:

Komatsu PC14

At the moment we currently have 2 Komatsu PC14s for sale. As we sell used construction machinery previously used by Diggerland and H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd, our stock list is always increasing. This particular machine is fantastic for DIY and small scale landscaping projects. 

Komatsu PC26

When it comes to 3 tonne dinners, the Komatsu PC26 will be the best option for your fleet. At the moment, we have 7 Komatsu PC26 diggers for sale. Most of which are actually ex-Diggerland machines. Therefore the new owner will receive a digger that has low hours, and has never been used on a construction site!

If you buy one or more of our Komatsu PC26s, then you’ll benefit from a multi machine discount!

Alternatively, view all of our available used construction equipment here


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All information correct as of 31/03/22

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