Why Choose Used Plant Equipment?

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Are you looking to expand your plant fleet? There are many important factors to take into consideration when purchasing machines. One major decision is whether to purchase new or used plant equipment. It’s a fantastic feeling owning a brand new machine, however you could potentially save a lot of money, and buy machinery that is as good as new!


Whilst the majority of companies and individuals would opt directly for new equipment, there are plenty of places to now also buy used plant equipment. 


In recent years, the economy has changed drastically, pushing prices up for pretty much everything. Price is one of the main reasons why operators are now choosing to buy second hand diggers and other machines. For the price of one new machine, companies could potentially be getting their hands on two pieces of equipment for the same price!

For newly formed companies, this is a preferable option until there is more budget available. 


Similar to buying a new car, as soon as it leaves the dealership, the initial depreciation affects the value of the vehicle. This also applies to buying a new digger for example. When you buy used plant equipment, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to sell it on for an amount close to what it was purchased for originally. Obviously, this is dependent on whether the machine has been well maintained, in good condition, and the hours on the machine. 


When you purchase equipment from new, you’ll be limited to the choice of specification available. If you are looking for a specific machine feature, it will always be the best option and shop around. As there is a wide variety of used plant equipment available, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find a machine to suit your needs.

Lead times 

Unfortunately due to the uncertainty of the world today, there is a delay for construction equipment delivery, and even manufacturing them. With materials shortages, COVID delays and hostility between various countries, this will likely affect the time it takes to receive your brand new machine. On the other hand, buying used plant equipment means it is readily available for when you need it. Most companies will also offer shipping, or the option of collection at a time that suits the buyer. 


International Plant Sales is made up of a highly experienced team of product specialists. In an instance, we can inform you of the best machine for your requirements. Based in Kent, England, we can offer the option of viewings, should you be based locally to us. Alternatively, we can also offer virtual tours around machines of interest. 

We are not an agency or re-seller, we sell on machines owned previously by our sister companies, Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our used plant equipment is in excellent condition and ready to be put to work. 


As we previously mentioned, we know exactly what our machines have been used for, and where they’ve come from. Not only that, our customers also benefit from the following:

  • Machines in excellent condition
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • One Previous Owner
  • Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s Service History

Have we convinced you to consider buying used plant equipment?

Take a look at our website to view our full stock list. Whether you’re looking to buy a Komatsu digger, telehandler or even a dumper, we have a wide variety of machines to choose from.


We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our machines in operation. Should you wish to schedule an appointment or get a quote, get in touch today!

Email us at: mail@ipsplant.com or call: 01634 779123

Additionally, stay up to date with our social media channels. You’ll never miss any news or offers again.


Information correct as of 28/02/22

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