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Backhoe loaders are robust machines perfect for farming, construction, demolition and even landscaping projects. With a wide variety of manufacturers currently producing backhoe loaders, it can be a hard task deciding which machine to buy. This week we are focusing on two dominant brands that are often seen on most construction sites. Would you buy a JCB or a Caterpillar backhoe loader?


Aside from diggers, backhoe loaders are a very popular type of construction machinery. They are also commonly used on most sites and projects. 

Backhoe loaders are similar in design to a tractor, with the exception of an additional bucket. Operators can make use of a front loader bucket as well as a backhoe attachment. Plus, the backhoe is capable of attaching a digger bucket and other hydraulic attachments. 


A backhoe loader carries out the same type of tasks as an digger. However, with the additional backhoe, the machine is capable of many projects due to the increased versatility. 

A backhoe loader can be used for:

  • Backfilling
  • Transporting materials
  • Digging
  • Landscaping projects
  • Small scale demolition work depending on the attachments used

If your plant fleet needs updating and you’re on a budget, we would highly recommend buying a backhoe loader. Which type of backhoe loader would you buy though?


JCB is a British founded company with support centres in many countries. Since 1945, when the company was established by Joseph Cyril Bamford, the backhoe loader has become the go-to machine within the industry. JCB was originally founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1945. If you’re looking to buy a JCB then the backhoe loader is the machine to get. You’ll be guaranteed versatility, a high quality machine and exceptional customer service from more than 750 dealers around the world.

When it comes to backhoe loaders for sale, JCB owns more than 50% of the market share! 


Firstly, starting with the JCB backhoe loader, we have chosen to focus on the fantastic JCB 3CX as an example. Let’s take a look at the main features of the backhoe loader. 

Max Engine Power – 63kW

Operating weight – 7370 kg

Bucket capacity – 1.0m3

As you can see the JCB 3CX has been designed with a mighty engine and an acceptable bucket capacity, suitable for most tasks at hand. Will it be enough to take on the Caterpillar backhoe loader?

Operator comfort

Operators can expect to be welcomed to a cab fitted with a fully adjustable seat with lumbar support. JCB prides itself on having the lowest in-cab noise levels in the business for maximum comfort. 

Along with the standard comfort features such as air conditioning and a 3 speed heater, operators can also benefit from a flat easy-clean floor and an easily accessible two door frame. Getting in and out of a machine has never been easier!


For any operators that didn’t already know, the JCB 3CX is fitted with a hydraulic power system which provides low effort, effort braking. The braking system is also oil immersed meaning that minimal maintenance is required and it has a longer operational life. 

The JCB 3CX is fitted with an Engine Support System which will effectively assist with the required daily checks. Individuals have access to the following settings:

  • Fuel filter
  • Air cleaner
  • Oil Filter and Lubrication
  • Cooling System

Operator will know in an instance whether any maintenance needs to be carried out. Are you now planning to buy a JCB after hearing about some of the excellent features on offer? We have a range of JCB 3CXs currently for sale. 

JCB for sale


Originally formed in 1925 in California by C. L. Best. Caterpillar are very well known within the construction sector for not only backhoe loaders but also excavators, mining equipment, telehandlers and even skid steers. It wasn’t until 1985 when the first backhoe loader was released, and since then the company has only grown exponentially.


We have chosen to compare the Caterpillar 428 with the JCB 3CX due to having similar specifications. Let’s take a look at the main features below.

Engine Power: 52kW 

Operating weight: 8131 kg

Bucket capacity: 1.03m3

In comparison to the JCB 3CX, the Caterpillar 428 has a slightly smaller engine. However it is heavier when it comes to operating, which adds extra stabilisation on uneven terrain.

Operator comfort

Similar to the JCB 3CX, the Caterpillar 428 also comes with ergonomic seating, with seat-mounted controls. Have control of the machine whilst enjoying the maximum comfort!

The Caterpillar 428 has been designed without a floor-mounted gear shift lever, in the attempt to further improve the large working cab environment. You’ll be guaranteed plenty of space to stretch out whilst operating.  


Carrying out daily checks will reduce future repair costs, and maintain a high level of machine performance. Caterpillar has clearly thought out their design. In turn, this will allow for easy maintenance points for the operators. 

In comparison to previous models, the fuel water separator has been moved to a better location, and the access to disconnect the battery has also been improved. All of which are behind panels that are now even easier to remove. 


If you’re looking to buy a JCB backhoe loader to use on a construction site, then we would recommend checking to ensure your digger tickets are up to date. Our sister company, the Diggerland Plant Training School, can offer NPORS accredited training across the UK. 

The training school can cater for all individuals, depending on whether they have any previous experience or are novices. Get in touch with the team today, and learn from highly qualified instructors. 

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As good as the Caterpillar 428 seems, we currently do not have any on our stocklist. However, if you’re looking to buy a JCB, we have the best used digger equipment for sale. 

When you buy used construction machinery from International Plant Sales you will receive a machine that:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Includes a warranty on all major components
  • Has one previous owner
  • Has low hours
  • That can be shipped nationwide to our customers

Should you wish to view our machinery in person, we can arrange an appointment. Also, for anyone based overseas, we can offer virtual appointments, whereby we will show you the machine in action and answer any questions you may have.


We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our backhoe loaders in operation. If you would like a quote for any of our backhoe loaders for sale, or other used digger equipment, then get in touch with our sales team now.

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