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Are you looking to buy an excavator? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect mini digger for your fleet. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

This week we compare the Komatsu PC26 and the Kubota KX61-3, two excellent mini diggers currently available in the industry. Which one would you choose?


As the name suggests, a mini digger has the same features as a standard size excavator, but on a much smaller scale. The operating weight of a mini digger tends to be between one and five tonnes. 

Although they are seen on most work sites, they are fairly new to the market. In 1968, Yanmar introduced the very first wheeled mini digger. Since then most construction competitors have introduced their take on a mini digger. Most companies nowadays will have at least a handful of mini diggers on fleet, ready to tackle challenges that larger diggers wouldn’t be able to complete. 

Additionally, the fantastic thing about mini diggers is that if it is used on private sites, a digger ticket is not required. Unless they are being used for work purposes or by the road side then the operator will need to hold the relevant ticket by law. 


A mini digger can be used for a variety of tasks, due to the versatility of the machine. Even with the correct attachment, they are incredibly time efficient and can be used with ease. They are often used by operators for construction, landscaping and DIY projects. 

Mini diggers are particularly effective when it comes to:

  • Digging holes and trenches
  • Material handling
  • Tree Stump removal
  • Light demolition work
  • Installing swimming pools – If that’s what you’re interested in!

As expected, mini diggers can take on most jobs without taking up too much room on site.


Kubota Corporation, another Japanese company, was originally founded in 1890. To begin with they made cast-iron water pipes until they turned their attention to equipment. They now have a presence in every continent!

Customers can purchase a variety of construction machinery, suitable for agriculture including tractors, wheel loaders and utility vehicles. Today, Kubota also remains the best selling compactor tractor in the UK. What an achievement!

 Aside from agricultural machines, they also have a range of mini diggers. 

So now you’ve heard about two huge manufacturing companies, would you buy an excavator from Komatsu or Kubota? Let’s compare some mini digger features…


Similar to Komatsu, Kubota has a large range of mini diggers for sale including the all new U10-5, U27-4 and the original K61-3.

Kubota KX61-3

Now we’ve looked at the Komatsu PC26, let’s compare figures for the Kubota KX61-3.

Engine power – 18.2 kW / 2100 rpm

Operating Weight – 25kg (With cab)

Bucket Capacity – 0.06

As you can see the engine in the Kubota KX61-3 is slightly more powerful than the Komatsu mini digger. Weighing in at roughly the same weight, and with a slightly smaller maximum bucket capacity, both machines would be a suitable option for all work sites. 

Operator comfort

The cab of a Kubota KX61-3 is comparable to a Komatsu PC26. It also provides the operator with plenty of leg room, an adjustable seat as well as a wrist rest for optimum comfort. Additionally, the noise level in the cabin is at a low level of only 77dB!


The Kubota KX61-3 has been designed with a double opening bonnet, allowing the operator to easily carry out repairs and checks in order to maintain the quality of the machine. All relevant components are in quick reach.


The well known brand Komatsu, was originally formed in Japan in 1921. 

Being one of the biggest market leaders currently within the construction industry, they have a lot to live up to. Komatsu are mainly known for their excellent range of diggers, so if you’re wanting to buy an excavator then you’ve come to the right place. They also produce an array of mining machines and forestry equipment. Customers respect the brand when it comes to warranty, after sales and their high level of customer service. You know exactly what you’ll be getting when you buy a Komatsu. 

Komatsu’s philosophy is that ‘Innovation is at the core of our DNA’. This statement is very clearly represented with the large range of plant equipment available to the global market.


Due to the vast amount of mini diggers for sale at Komatsu, it would be impossible to cover every single model currently available. Customers can expect to purchase anything from a PC14 R-3HS, a PC26 MR-3 up to a PC55. The model will be dependent on the size of machine you require for the task at hand. 

We will be focusing on a Komatsu PC26, as it will be a fantastic comparison to a Kubota mini digger. 

Komatsu PC26

Firstly, let’s talk figures: 

Engine power – 15,7 kW / 21,1 HP @ 2.500 rpm

Operating Weight – 2.550 – 2.800 kg

Bucket Capacity – 0,035 – 0,085 m³

For a mini digger, the Komatsu PC26 has been designed with a mighty engine, with a generous bucket capacity. The operating weight will vary depending on whether the digger has been designed with a canopy or a cab, and whether it has steel or rubber tracks. This option will be based on the type of terrain you will be operating on. Should you wish to find out more about the difference in tracks, be sure to read our previous blog post.  

Operator comfort

When it comes to the interior, operators will want peace of mind knowing that it is spacious and comfortable enough to operate for long periods of time. 

The Komatsu PC26 has certainly been designed with a high level of attention to detail, and will offer comfort, accessibility and visibility. Operators will have plenty of room to move their legs around in the cab, and will make the most of a fully adjustable seat.  Everything you could possibly want when you buy an excavator!


When you buy an excavator, you want to know that carrying out maintenance is easy. Komatsu has taken this into account when designing their plant equipment. The rear bonnet opens up for the operator to conduct simple engine checks, inspections, and have easy access to the battery.

We may be biased as we currently stock used Komatsu PC26 mini diggers for sale, however if you’re looking to buy an excavator of this size, we would strongly recommend buying a Komatsu.


If you’re looking to buy an excavator, we have only the best, high quality used machines for sale. 

When you buy used construction machinery from International Plant Sales you will receive a machine that:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Includes a warranty on all major components
  • Has one previous owner
  • Has low hours
  • That can be delivered internationally for an additional cost

We are welcoming customers to visit us and view the machines in person. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible. Virtual appointments are available, and a member of the sales team will show you the machine in detail, and any questions can be answered.


We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our machines in operation. If you would like a quote for any of our mini diggers for sale, or other used plant equipment, then be sure to get in touch.

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Information correct as of 23/11/21

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