Used plant equipment commonly used in home renovations

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As home renovations are becoming increasingly popular, it is important to see what used plant equipment you might need before starting your project. Renovations are a way of maintaining your property to ensure it is fit for your family. They’re also great for keeping your property looking modern and up to date.

The decision to improve a property is also not limited to current homeowners, but also new ones. Many people now prefer to buy older properties and renovate it to their style. It’s also much more affordable and quicker than building a home from the ground up.

Home renovations may be to the interior or exterior of the house, including the landscaping. The process could involve demolitions, electrical, drywall work, plumbing and much more. As a result, you may need to consider a range of different used plant equipment.


The first piece of used plant equipment we would recommend would be some kind of digger. Excavators are very commonly used in lots of different construction projects, and home renovations are no different. 

If you’re planning on removing existing walls and constructing new ones, then you will definitely need an excavator! Excavators range in size too, meaning you’ll be able to find one for the exact type of work you need.

When removing exterior walls, you’ll have a lot more space to work with. In this case,tracked or long reach excavator would work perfectly. However, they might be too big for removing internal walls. In this situation, you might be better off with a mini or midi excavator. These are more compact machines and are able to work in much tighter spaces.

As well as demolishing walls, you can also use excavators for heavy lifting, digging holes and rough grading. You could also use hydraulic excavators for plumbing. They’re perfect for digging ditches to then lay pipelines.

At the end of the working day, an excavator could save you a lot of tidying up too. All construction projects usually result in a lot of debris and dirt left behind. Excavators can be used to clean up any unwanted materials or debris from the property.

Concrete mixers

The old days of manually mixing concrete are long gone! Instead, most construction projects use concrete mixers to save time and manual labour. The revolving drum or mixer bowl of a concrete mixer is used to combine cement, sand, gravel and water to create concrete. These machines also have a handle, which allows the operator to pour out the concrete mix.

There are two common types of concrete mixers – the in-transit mixers and the portable mixers. In-transit mixers are usually used on bigger construction projects, whereas portable mixers are used on smaller projects.

Utilising existing machines can be very cost effective. Home owners could also use an excavator to carry out the same tasks as a concrete mixer. How, we hear you ask?

With the right attachments, the operator could use the concrete pourer to safely, and efficiently pour concrete where required. This is where our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd, comes in handy. Get a quote today for their concrete pourer attachment that will fit machines ranging from 8 to 24 tonnes.

Skid-steer loaders

Skid-steer loaders are four-wheeled vehicles with lift arms that can attach various different tools. The biggest advantage of having a skid-steer loader is its versatility. An operator could choose to replace the front bucket with attachments like an auger, ripper, pallet booms and more. Depending on which attachment the operator chose, the machine would be able to help with a variety of tasks. 

As well as their versatility attachments, skid-steer loaders can turn in their own tracks, making them very flexible. These machines come in different sizes with varying rated operating capacity (ROC) making them suitable for different projects. Home renovations generally utilize small frame skid-steer loaders as they are compact enough to fit into tight spaces which bigger used plant equipment could not. 

Used plant equipment at International Plant Sales

Here at International Plant Sales, we have a huge range of used plant equipment, including excavators and skid-steer loaders. You can find all of our available equipment here. When you buy any of our used plant equipment from International Plant Sales you will benefit from:

Low hours

All of our used plant equipment was originally for either Diggerland or H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. They are then replaced after 3 years to ensure the best up to date machines are available. Therefore guaranteeing customers with low hour plant equipment.

One month warranty

All of our machines include a one month warranty on all major parts. All of our customers will have peace of mind knowing that should anything happen, then you will be able to contact us.

Worldwide shipping

Our aim is to sell used plant equipment to the global market. Whether you are based in the UK or overseas we can provide you with a quote for worldwide shipping. Leave the shipping to us and sit back and wait for your machines to be delivered.

Contact the International Plant Sales team!

Speak to the International Plant Sales team today if you’re looking to invest in any quality used construction equipment. We would be happy to assist you if you’re looking for a specific type of size of machine. Our customers are welcome to visit our head office to view the machines if they are local. Alternatively we can offer virtual tours, and send over extra photos and videos if required.

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