5 things to look for when buying used excavators

second hand excavators

Are you purchasing a used excavator? If you haven’t bought a used machine in the past, our experts here at International Plant Sales have a few tips for you!

Our Top Tips

1) Leaks 

Depending on the age of the machine, leaks can be quite common in the cylinders. Especially if the machine has high hours. A leak can be a costly repair and one that is definitely avoidable. Be sure to check for leaks on all cylinders and drive motors before committing to a machine. 

2) Wear in the arm

When checking over any used excavators for sale, you should check for any major wear and tear in the arm. The amount of wear is likely to depend on how often the machine has been used. Make sure to look at all the joints and all the pivot points on the arm. Any minor wear is okay, but if the machine has low hours on it and lots of wear, you should be worried.

3) House rotation

You should also check for wear or unusual noises in the house rotating slew. This could be a sign of the rotation skipping gears or a damaged tooth when turning.

4) Check the condition of the undercarriage

If you’re purchasing tracked excavators which run on a tracking system, you should check over the condition of the tracks, rollers, sprockets and idlers. You can look for any oil coming out. If there is, they’re most probably very worn and you’ll need to replace them pretty soon. A good rule of thumb for any undercarriages is if you see any oil coming out when inspecting, that should be an immediate red flag.

5) HV / AC unit

Similarly to when you purchase a car, you should make sure the HV / AC unit works entirely before splashing the cash. Having a working unit can be extremely important for anyone operating the machine. No one can work to their full potential if they’re overheating in the summer or freezing in the winter. It can also be very dangerous to work in excessive heat for a long period of time. If the unit isn’t working correctly, it can be costly to fix.

Bonus tip!

Be sure to drive the ex-fleet excavators and put them in motion. This way you’ll be able to spot any major faults. When the machine is operating, you’ll be able to see if it operates properly or if there are any steering or tracking issues. 

Buying used excavators from International Plant Sales

Here at International Plant Sales, we specialise in the sale of brilliant used excavators from the best manufacturers, particularly from Komatsu. All of our machines have low working hours, one month warranty and worldwide shipping can be arranged.  

Large tracked excavators

Tracked excavators are crucial for a number of different construction projects. Fitted with tracks, in replacement of wheels, gives them more grip than standard excavators. This makes them perfect for projects on uneven surfaces and terrain. 

At the moment, we have used tracked excavators from Komatsu. The Komatsu machines we have available include, PC138, PC210 and PC360.

Mini and Midi excavators

Mini and midi excavators work similarly to tracked excavators, however they’re much smaller and compact machines. This makes them more convenient in projects with smaller working areas, such as on the roadside, in alleyways or in built up city areas. 

You can view all of our Komatsu mini and midi excavators here.

Wheeled excavators 

Wheeled excavators are the most popular type of construction machinery, however it is crucial you choose the correct type of excavator for your project. The huge machines are brilliant for landscaping, demolition and forestry clearing projects.

Here at International Plant Sales, we stock the following wheeled excavators:

Remember, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website, then please contact our sales team on 01637 779 123.

Breakers and attachments

Once you’ve got your used excavators, you may be looking for some attachments to further benefit their productivity. Our sister company, Masterhitch, supplies the toughest and safest range of excavator attachments and buckets. All of which are designed for optimising efficiency, ROI and site safety.

Their state of the art products include:

  • Quick hitches
  • Excavator attachments
  • Brokk buckets and attachments
  • Plant accessories
  • Ram guards

You can contact the Masterhitch team on 01634 290 022 or via email at sales@masterhitch.co.uk.


Information correct as of 05/10/21

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