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Welcome to the latest Digger News post, here at International Plant Sales . Today we are looking at the ex-fleet excavators we currently have for sale. Whilst we look through the different types of excavators, you’ll be able to get a good idea about what machine would work best for you.


All of our excavators were previously used at our Diggerland UK Theme Park across the UK. They have extremely low hours and are in pristine condition as they have never been used on a construction site.

We offer a wide range of used excavators and we only sell machines from the best manufacturers, including Komatsu, JCB, Liugong and many others. Whilst we stock the main brands, we primarily stock Komatsu machines. This is because we believe that Komatsu machines are some of the best out there.

As an added bonus, Komatsu diggers are surprisingly eco-friendly for gas guzzling machines! The engine in Komatsu excavators reduced fuel consumption by up to 10%, while still maintaining optimal performance.

Feel free to take a look around our website, here, to find out more about International Plant Sales.


If you’re looking for plant which can fit into smaller spaces, but doesn’t compromise work load then a mini or midi digger might be for you! These machines are commonly used on major building sites, but they’re also perfect for smaller DIY or landscaping projects. 

Mini excavators are machines that weigh under 4,535kg, and some of them can even fit through doorways. They have bucket sizes ranging between 12 and 24inches, but this can be easily replaced with another attachment if more suitable.

Whereas, a midi excavator is slightly larger and more powerful. This means you’re likely to be able to dig to a deep level when using a midi compared to a mini. They are both more than capable of digging and backfilling holes, removing tree stumps and plowing snow.

These types of plants are a huge benefit to have on high traffic work sites as they are much easier to transport while onsite or between projects. There’s also a couple of extra bonuses to choosing a mini or midi digger or a larger excavator, including that they emit low noise levels and are really cost efficient. 

Here at International Plant Sales we have the following Komatsu mini and midi excavators for sale:

  • PC14
  • PC26
  • PC55
  • PC80


When thinking about what types of plant machinery you may require, tracked excavators could offer so many benefits. These differ from traditional excavators as they have a tracking system, instead of typical wheels.

You’re most likely to use a tracked excavator if you’re working on uneven ground as these will give you better traction and grip. Many manufacturers use either steel tracks or road liner pads to offer operators the most amount of grip.

At the moment, we have the following Komatsu tracked excavators for sale:

  • PC138
  • PC210
  • PC360
  • PC490

Whether you’re looking to purchase plant machinery as a one off or as an addition to your fleet – a wheeled excavator is a must have. They’re most commonly used for landscaping projects, material handling and demolition.

Whilst, wheeled diggers cannot dig as aggressively as tracked excavators, they are extremely versatile machines.  Wheeled machines have adjustable booms, which can provide optimal lifting capacity, and stabilisers which enhance the stability of the machine. 

When you’re looking at construction machinery, be sure not to confuse wheeled excavators with backhoe loaders. While they can do similar jobs, it may be important if you need one over the other. The biggest difference between them is the additional backhoe loader located at the rear of the loaders, compared to the wheeled excavators.


Long reach excavators are a huge benefit to a wide range of projects, including waterway dredging and deep excavation. They are one of the most commonly used pieces of plant machinery.

Similarly to a tracked excavator, long reach excavators have a tracked system in replace of wheels. They are equipped with a long extending arm which has a bucket attached – which offers great outreach and can dig far into the ground.

Designed to reach incredible heights and difficult places without compromising the operator’s safety, these are the perfect machines for big projects. You can equip these with a variety of different attachments depending on what you’re using the machine for.

The biggest advantage is the accuracy they provide even at far distances or heights. With a heavy duty arm and long boom, these machines can easily be used for the demolition of tall buildings.

If you think a long reach excavator is the machine you’re looking for then take a look at our Komatsu models, here.


All our used excavators are ex-Diggerland machines which have been serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. We also have our very own team of qualified mechanics and engineers on hand to make sure all machines are safe and reliable.

When you purchase ex-fleet excavators from International Plant Sales, you will benefit from the following:

  • Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s Service History in proper working condition
  • Machines with low hours of operations
  • Virtual tours and appointments can be made
  • Worldwide delivery if necessary

Our International Plant Sales team is always on hand to help should you have any questions. Please just give us a call on 01634 779 123 or drop us an email at mail@ipsplant.com.


Information correct as of 11/08/21

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