JCB presented ‘Environmental Award’ for all-electric teletruk – A turning point for plant machinery?


JCB has been presented with a top award for the environmental benefits of their brand new all-electric telescopic forklift. The first JCB Teletruk launched nearly 25 years ago in 1997 and since then plant machinery has continued to develop. This new model from JCB could be a huge turning point in the construction industry.

The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) is Europe’s leading trading body for the material handling industry. They awarded the JCB 30-19E the Environment Award, stating that the plant machinery is “ideal for urban environments”. Mainly due to its low emissions and low noise level.

What’s new?

Prior to this, all JCB Teletruks were powered by diesel and LPG. They were also used predominantly outdoors. This model is well suited for a wide range of tasks both indoors and outdoors.

Powered by an 80-volt lead acid battery, this piece of plant machinery will be able to work a full eight hour shift on a single charge. Charging the battery is super easy too! All you need to do is lift the battery cover and plug it into the GNB high-frequency charger.

When you need to change the battery, JCB has made it super efficient! It now takes only two minutes to swap the battery over. 

Thanks to its telescopic reach, this Teletruk is able to load and unload curtainside trailers from one side. This is bound to save a vast amount of space in any work area.

Designed for productivity, the JCB 30-19E makes the most of your time and space. With its unique telescopic boom, small turning circle and single side loading ability, this machine is ideal for 24/7 operation.

JCB’s first all-electric model is fitted with industry standard ITA carriages, which allows all common forklift attachments to be used.

Features of the JCB 30-19E

This upgraded model is similar to conventional JCB Teletruks, but they feature some new and improved features. JCB claims that this machine can save 70m2 of space per truck load and its low 2.2m cab height allows for access inside containers and trailers.

JCB have stepped up their safety features on this model. The unique Load Motion Control feature helps to prevent forward tipping, which increases safety when working on-site. This machine also comes with a 360-degree field of vision putting the operator in complete control. With 111 degrees of carriage rotation, handling goods is more efficient, easier and safer than ever.

Key features:

  • 1,900kg capacity at 2m reach
  • 4.0m maximum lift height
  • 3,000kg maximum lift capacity
  • Increased productivity leaves of up to 20%
  • Free up space and store more stock – grow your business without the need to move premises.

Environmental benefits

Did you know the construction industry contributes to 23% of air pollution, 40% of drinking water pollution and 50% of landfill wastes?

With this new model, JCB hopes to kick-start a more eco-friendly sector. By creating the JCB-30-19E, it proves that construction machines can be practical and efficient without damaging the environment.

JCB claim this model benefits the environment with:

  • Equally efficient indoors and out – making it a great environmental choice!
  • Low noise pollution – protecting the hearing of operators and workers.
  • Real-time measurement of energy consumption via JCB’s Live Link telematics system.

Buy a JCB from International Plant Sales

As intriguing as the JCB30-19E sounds, unfortunately we do not have any in our fleet yet. We do, however, have a few different JCB models including the JCB 3CX and telehandlers including the 535-95, 535-125, and 540-170.

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Information correct as of 02/07/21

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