Skanska powers construction machinery with alternative fuel

Red Diesel in Construction Machinery

Electric diggers and other alternatively powered construction machinery is becoming increasingly popular within the industry. Skanska are taking it to the next level to reduce their carbon footprint and cut emissions. However Skanska has taken a more unique approach and used alternative fuel instead. Find out more and why you should buy construction machinery from us here at International Plant Sales.


The Swedish company Skanska was founded in 1987 by Rudolf Fredrik Berg. The manufacturing of concrete products for the UK was their very first contract. Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups, operating mainly in Europe and North America.

At present, they are incredibly well-known for the creation of:

  • Tall buildings and private homes
  • Bridges
  • Commercial properties 
  • Multi-family housing
  • Project development


As part of the pledge to be net-zero carbon by 2045, Skanska are trialling a new way in which to power their construction machinery. The hydrotreated vegetable oil provides machinery with the essential power they need, but without the harmful emissions.

Using an alternative fuel has saved over 90% in carbon emissions for Skanska. Impressive!

The fuel used in the machines is referred to as vegetable oil, but it’s not an everyday product that can be found in your kitchen. This particular vegetable oil is a second generation biofuel. Meaning that it is a fuel that is produced from various types of non-food biomass.

So why not switch to electric instead?

 Skanska have announced that they have plans to use either hydrogen or electric construction machinery to further reduce the emissions. However, it currently isn’t a viable option at present, as the required technology isn’t available for the scale and pace of the Skanska projects.

Until the use of electric and hydrogen construction machinery evolves and develops, the use of alternative fuels is a temporary solution. In turn this will assist in reducing carbon and air emissions. 

It’s not just construction machinery cutting emissions…

Not only  is the construction industry adapting, the automotive industry are making drastic changes to vehicles on the road. 

Electric vehicles are becoming the new norm for thousands of drivers, especially the use of electric vans. If you want to improve your green credentials when on site, then this could be the perfect option for your company. With a range of electric vans now in production, they are fantastic for deliveries and transporting goods to sites. Would you think about making the switch?

Luckily our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles, has a wide variety of electric vans available to hire. Choose from the brand new Vauxhall Vivaro-e, or if you need something smaller perhaps the Renault Kangoo van. 


We may not have any construction machinery powered by alternative fuel, or even electric yet, but we have quality used machines for sale. Here at International Plant Sales we have a range of plant equipment including diggers, dumpers and other heavy machinery. 

When you buy used construction machinery from International Plant Sales, you’ll be guaranteed:


If you want to buy construction machinery from us, we will provide a warranty on all major parts and components. The warranty will begin from the date that the machine is collected or delivered. 

Worldwide Shipping

If you’re based overseas, we can provide customers with an additional quote for delivery options. We work with the very best shipping companies to ensure your machines arrive in immaculate condition.

Excellent Condition

All of our machines for sale are passed onto us by either Diggerland or H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. The construction machinery will then be checked over before it is added to our stock list and advertised. We will note any scratches, dents, or damaged panels, and ensure they are repaired to a high standard before they are sold. Our machines also have considerably low hours on due to the nature of their previous use. What a bargain!

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All information correct as of: 27th May 2021. 

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