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When it comes to buying used construction machinery for your plant fleet, there’s only one brand you should have in mind, Komatsu. If you want to buy a Komatsu digger to add to your existing fleet, then you’ll be making an excellent choice. Not only will you receive high quality machinery, you’ll be reaping the benefits when it comes to productivity, durability and most importantly costs. 

Find out why you should buy a Komatsu, and the latest machine added to their stock.


Komatsu has been a main manufacturer in the construction industry since 1921. The company was first established in Japan by Meitaro Takeuchi. They were well known in the early years for producing machines suitable for forestry and mining. However since then, they are now leading manufacturers of plant equipment. 

Komatsu is a brand that has focused on precision, accuracy and detail when it comes to designing machinery. This is the main reason why construction companies love Komatsu diggers. When you buy a Komatsu machine, operators will be using equipment that is practical, durable and of course high quality. Nothing gets the job done better than a Komatsu digger. Especially with the new machine model released by Komatsu earlier this month. 

So what’s different?


There is a new upcoming digger model that will be available on the construction market shortly. The Komatsu PC360 LCi-11 and PC360 NLCi-11, are the latest machines released from Komatsu. 

With operating weights ranging from 35,770 kg to 36,50 kg and a maximum recommended bucket capacity of 2.66m3, we estimate that this machine is going to be very popular with construction workers. High productivity earthmoving and precision grading is also promised when using these diggers, according to Komatsu. 

So let’s take a look at why they will be fantastic machines to add to your plant fleet…

What’s new?

These 36 tonne excavators will be of a similar design to the original Komatsu PC360 digger, however it has come with new and exciting upgrades.

The new Komatsu PC360 will come as standard with a brand new IMU sensor for tilt buckets. This specific feature will allow buckets to be mounted and calibrated easier than before. It will also increase attachment and machine utilisation to increase productivity on site. 

A new IMU monitor has also been installed for the operator’s use. Controls should be easy to operate in a digger cab, and Komatsu has done just this. The screen will navigate through menus similar to any smart phone. It will also be slimmer, lighter and packed with more memory capability. 

Auto tilt control is a new feature for the Komatsu PC360, and it’s certain to boost productivity, when used on site. It has been designed to allow the bucket to automatically tilt to the correct position, depending on the terrain. Operators will not be required to manually step in and change the course of direction. 

Bucket angle hold is another contemporary feature that has been designed to assist with grading. Again, the operator will not need to adjust the angle with the digger lever, once an angle has been set the digger will maintain this position. 

Sounds exciting right? Are you now looking to buy a Komatsu PC360?


As exciting as the new Komatsu PC360 sounds, unfortunately we do not have any on our fleet as of yet. Hopefully in the near future it could be a model that we offer to our customers. Until then we have the original, but just as good Komatsu PC360 LC-10 for sale. If you need something smaller, or perhaps bigger than a 36 tonne machine, we have the following used diggers for sale:

  • PC55
  • PC80
  • PC138
  • PC210
  • PC490

Here at International Plant Sales, we also offer the option of either steel tracks or roadliner pads. So, is a tracked excavator the right choice for you? Visit our previous blog where we discuss the benefits of choosing a tracked excavator. Find a machine suitable for you and get a quote, as our machines don’t hang around for long!


Here at International Plant Sales we have a large variety of used diggers and construction machinery for sale. We do however stock a range of Komatsu diggers, as we know how popular they are with operators. 

When you buy a Komatsu from International Plant Sales, you will receive a machine that:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Comes with a warranty on all major parts and components
  • Has only one previous owner
  • Has relatively low hours
  • Can be delivered internationally to any country


If you’re ready to get a quote for any of our second hand diggers for sale, contact us today. Give a member of our team a call on 01634 779123 or email us. We can also be contacted via WhatsApp too.

We are now able to offer appointments in person. Alternatively, if you would like a virtual tour, we will also be able to assist you.

What are you waiting for? Buy a Komatsu today!

All information correct as of: 11th May 2021. 

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