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The UK is the World’s largest site dumper market, and we couldn’t not mention one of the biggest brands currently producing high quality machinery. Hydrema, known for their range of site dumpers and dump trucks such as the Hydrema 912E.

Being recognised for their compact, highly mobile and off-road superior machines, we take a look at why you should buy a Hydrema dump truck, plus used dumpers for sale at International Plant Sales, formerly BuyADigger.


Kjeld Werner Jensen founded Hydrema in 1959. Their main factory is located in Aalborg in the north of Denmark. At present, Hydrema is Denmark’s only earth-moving equipment manufacturer. 

Hydrema is a company that develops, and creates earth-moving and mine clearing equipment. In 1983, the first compact dump truck was released. Since then 9 generations of dumper trucks have been manufactured including the Hydrema 912E. Not only have the company made dump trucks, a range of backhoe loaders and mobile cranes have also been released.

Then in 1985, Hydrema UK was established in North Yorkshire.

So what makes a Hydrema a popular brand in relation to dumper trucks? 

All of their dump trucks are user-friendly, require minimal maintenance reducing costs, and are suitable for a wide range of tasks. These are just a reasons why they are the ideal plant machinery to have on any site. 


Dumper trucks are versatile and can be used for a large variety of jobs. They are used mainly for the following tasks:

  • Transporting large amounts of materials
  • Cleaning up on a demolition site
  • Diverse tasks on a construction site
  • In the mining industry

If you’re looking to buy a dumper, the type of dumper required will depend on the type of project. A standard site dumper will easily complete most of the tasks mentioned above. However, a Hydrema dump truck will also be able to undertake the same tasks but to a greater level.

Hydrema dump trucks, with supreme performance, low weight and exceptional durability are just a couple of reasons why you should consider buying a Hydrema.

Let’s take a look at the cab of a Hydrema, to find out what else you benefit from as an operator.


Operator comfort

Upon entering the cab, the door handle can be easily reached allowing the operator to step firmly in using the hanging step. The operator has been kept in mind when the Hydrema dump truck was made, with a spacious cab offers a generous amount of legroom. 

Additionally, the soft touch interior has been ergonomically placed, and the steering wheels, seat and arm rests can be fully adjusted to suit the individual.

A semi automatic air condition system has been fitted in the Hydrema dump truck. The 8 air nozzled placed throughout the cab will constantly set the temperature but the fan speed will need to be controlled manually. Therefore, operators will be able to operate in comfortable temperatures through the whole year.


Having efficient amounts of lights is important for an operator, especially if work is being carried out at night or in the evening.

Luckily, Hydrema took this into consideration when designing their dump trucks. The Hydrema dump truck is fitted with eight headlights in various places. Four being located on the roof of each side of the cab and four on the front bumper. This will supply the operator with plenty of light when operating the dumper. 

There is automatic entry and exit lighting that illuminates the steps down from the cab for additional safety. If an operator does have to use the dumper at night, a red light inside the cab will light up the controls.


A Hydrema dump truck is recognised as a user-friendly machine that can be used by even the most novice of operators. 

All of the cab controls and switch functions are within easy reach, and can be easily located. Most functions are also labelled as well as the self explanatory ones such as the horn or the wipers for example. 

The dashboard provides the operators with the standard information including the speedometer, the vehicle temperature, how much fuel is left, as well as load information.

This particular dumper is made as standard with a 6 speed soft-shift transmission. It will shift gears automatically to match the right conditions on site.


Visibility is a huge feature to look for when exploring different plant equipment. It is vital to have clear visibility, especially when operating a 10 tonne articulated truck such as the Hydrema. 

The large windscreen around the cab provides excellent visibility for the operator. As the size of the dashboard is kept to the bare minimum the operator will have no distractions. 

The Hydrema 912E is fitted as standard with heated wing mirrors, that can also be adjusted for perfect visibility behind the dumper. There is the option to have a rear camera can also be added as an additional feature if it is requested.


Although the cab has everything that an operator could possibly need, the dumper truck also has a couple of advantageous features located on the exterior. 

Flotation tyres were also used for the creation of the Hydrema 912E. The operator will be able to work on rough terrains and in wet weather conditions, due to the low ground pressure. Being designed as a four wheel drive will also give additional grip too.


Now you know how great Hydrema as a brand is, are you looking to buy a Hydrema dump truck for your fleet? We have a range of dump trucks available here at IPS. If you need smaller site dumpers we can also offer these too. We have the following dumpers for sale:

When you buy a dumper and other plant equipment, our customers will also receive:

1 month warranty

All of our plant machinery for sale will be sold with a 1 month warranty on all major parts and components. The warranty will begin from the date that the machine is collected or delivered.

International Delivery

We pride ourselves on offering worldwide shipping. Here at International Plant Sales, we aren’t just limited to selling to buyers in the UK and Europe. We can give an additional quote for international delivery, if it is required. Working with reputable and trusted shipping companies will ensure your machines arrive in great condition.


Looking to buy a Hydrema dump truck or any of our smaller site dumpers for sale? Get in touch with our sales team. We are happy to provide customers with extra photos, videos and quotes for our used plant equipment.

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All information correct as of: 11th February 2021. 

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