Using drones alongside construction machinery

using a drone alongside construction machinery

The innovative idea of using technology for construction projects has recently grown in popularity. In particular, the use of drones.

In the last few years, it has become evident that even construction sites are adapting. With an increase of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones are being used for various tasks, instead of simply being used as high-tech toys to annoy neighbours or stopping planes taking off!

Benefits of using drones for construction

The use of drones on a construction site has clearly improved accuracy and productivity for some companies. There are also several benefits to using drones including:

Progress tracking

Contractors can fly a drone over the site to find out the progress of the current project. Using a drone could save a project manager a lot of time, instead of physically walking around the construction site. By digitally checking the progress of the site, this will eliminate another physical person needing to be on site. 

Site mapping

As technology has improved, drones are now able to produce 3D maps of a construction site based upon footage that is recorded. Simply flying over and capturing images and videos will provide construction companies with the data they need, and a visualisation of the project. Digital mapping will ensure that every single member of the team is aware of the landscape, which hasn’t just been scribbled down on paper. Using a drone for site mapping will also reduce the risk of any design or technical errors further down the line. 


It is incredibly difficult for construction companies to track their progress in the form of marketing. As you can imagine, operators are focused solely on the job at hand. Progress photos and videos never appear at the top of the to-do list either. With the help of a drone, a contractor is able to fly over the construction site, and capture footage for marketing.

Health and safety

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), this particular sector is known for having the most amount of fatalities and injuries due to slips, trips or falls. The health and safety of all operators on site can be easily tracked using a drone. By flying a drone over a site, a quick survey can be carried out to detect any potential risks. For example construction machinery in high risk areas or uneven surfaces that could cause injuries.

Drones are remotely controlled, which is essential in limiting the amount of people needed on site. This in turn will automatically lower the amount of accidents that could happen. Surveys cannot be carried out safely on some sites such as quarries, or hazardous zones that have flammable materials. It would be beneficial to use a drone in these scenarios.

Have you seen a drone used at a theme park?

Drones aren’t new technology, but they are certainly a new addition to the construction sector. In recent years there has also been a rise in the use of drones in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Our sister company, Diggerland, a construction based theme park, has also experienced the benefits of using a drone. Using a drone has proven to be effective when shooting shots of some of Diggerland’s taller rides including Skyshuttle and Spindizzy. It has reduced the risk of being on site and in close proximity to the construction machinery.

We would highly recommend Elevate, a highly professional company that has previous experience filming in the construction industry.


How can International Plant Sales help you?

If you have a project coming up and need extra construction machinery, get in touch. Here at International Plant Sales, we guarantee that we will have a machine suitable for any tasks you may need to complete. Check out our website today to view the following types of machines available:

  • Excavators (Mini / Midi / Tracked / Wheeled / Long Reach)
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Forward and rear tipping dumper trucks of all sizes
  • Telehandlers
  • Rollers

Feel free to contact us by email, or give us a call on: 01634 779123 for more information or a quote. We would be happy to assist.

All information correct as of: 30th October 2020.

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