Plant equipment for farming and agriculture

plant equipment - farming and agriculture

Farming and agriculture is all around us, and we rely on it, especially now more than ever. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we realised as a country how important farming is, and the demand for it skyrocketed as countries ceased imports and exports. When it comes to plant equipment this can also be sourced from UK based companies, it’s just about knowing where to look.

Supporting the UK

When the world went into a global lockdown, all imported food and drink from other countries came to a halt. The pressure fell onto UK farmers and businesses to produce British goods to fill the supermarket. 

Now we have the issue of businesses permanently closing due to a loss of profit, unless they can get the customers back. Businesses and the government are encouraging customers to shop locally in order to help the economy.


Another factor to consider is Brexit. The word that most people have forgotten about, now there are bigger concerns. When the UK leaves the EU, products and services will become more costly to buy. If businesses in the UK can produce the same service then should we still be looking at help from other countries?

With high quality plant equipment available in the UK, let’s take a look at machinery needed for the farming and agricultural world. 

Plant Equipment used in Farming and Agriculture

In the agricultural sector, various plant equipment can be used for farming, including but not limited to:


A telehandler isn’t a popular choice of machine, however most individuals do not realise the potential when used with versatile attachments. Telehandlers are great for lifting heavy materials, such as bales of hay to feed the animals. 


Industrial sized tractors with multiple attachments are used frequently to harvest, plough, and prepare the land.


A roller attachment is normally used to flatten and break up any large piles of soil. This is often done after ploughing.

Here at International Plant Sales we can offer all of these. Another machine that wouldn’t normally be seen, is an excavator. Now we know what you’re thinking, it’s not exactly a construction or demolition site. When diggers are paired with the right attachments, you could actually be limiting the amount of machinery you will even need.

Excavators could be used for the following tasks:

  • Clearing up animal excrement with a bucket attachment
  • When equipped with a Power Rake attachment, an excavator can prepare the land for planting
  • Using a riddle bucket can sort through and separate materials
  • Removing unwanted trees to make room to plant crops using a ripper or tree shear attachment
  • The fence post driver attachment will reduce the amount of manual labour required when setting up fencing on a farm
  • The Brush Cutter attachment can double as a low maintenance hedge trimmer when mounted to a digger

Benefits of buying from us here at International Plant Sales?

The same applies to us here at International Plant Sales. Whilst we have started to sell plant equipment to other countries again, it is important that UK businesses know of us and shop locally for their used construction machinery.

When you buy plant equipment from International Plant Sales you will benefit from:

Low hours

Being part of the H.E. Group means that all machines are replaced after 3 years of use. Therefore the majority of the machines have incredibly low hours.

Excellent condition

We pride ourselves on the quality of our plant equipment. All of our machines are signed in using a strict check in process. We will test all of the controls to ensure the machine is operating as it should be. We will also repair and mend any damaged panels and repaint them.

Delivery available

As mentioned above, we would love to be able to deliver our machines to various places in and around the UK. We will also sort out international delivery to other countries for any extra cost. 


When any machinery is purchased from us we will provide a warranty on all major components. From the date that the machine is collected, our customers are covered. However, it doesn’t cover perishable items such as bulbs, tyres and fuses etc. 


All of our machines ccome with a manufacturer’s service history, before it is then sold onto a customer for their own peace of mind. 

For any Komatsu machinery that has Komtrax, servicing information can also be viewed online. 

We can also provide our customers with any extra photos and video upon request to show the machine in full working order.

To get a quote for any of our plant equipment, get in touch with the sales team today. You can request a quote via email, on our website or by calling us on: 01634 779123.

Alternatively, by signing up to our weekly newsletter, you can keep up to date with any new additions to our stock list. 

All information correct as of: 1st September 2020.

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