What is a Phytosanitary Certificate and how does it affect used construction machinery?

Phytosanitary Certificate - used construction machinery

Here at International Plant Sales, we have a range of used construction machinery available for sale. Although we’re a UK based company, it doesn’t mean international customers are limited to buying from companies in their country. If you’re looking to buy a mini digger or other used plant equipment, then ensure you view our list of machines available, as we can prep our machines for international delivery.


A Phytosanitary Certificate is a certificate issued by DEFRA to an individual machine. The certification is requested by the importing country as part of the import license, and the import license will detail the requirements for the Phytosanitary Certificate.

The requirements can vary depending on the importing country and the type of machinery. As a very basic the machine must be clean, to the extreme being all signs of dirt and dust must be removed including all grease from joints and unions. The machine has to be sprayed with an approved insecticide.

Once the machine is at required standard we request a visit from DEFRA. They will then thoroughly inspect the machine to ensure it meets the requirements as stated on the import license. If they are happy they will issue the machine with a Phytosanitary Certificate which will be displayed inside the cab prior to export.

Someone is likely to require a phytosanitary certificate if any of the items are being exported outside the EU:

  • Plant equipment and forestry machinery
  • Any packaging including boxes, pallets or crates
  • Any soil, wood or bark

Various countries will require an import licence for the purpose of transporting goods.


DEFRA, are also known as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. They represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland when it comes to issuing the phytosanitary certificate.

The department of over 3,500 staff members are responsible for maintaining the safety of our environment. They protect the way in which we live, and how we do things. 

DEFRA’s main priorities at present include:

  • A smooth exit from the EU
  • Ensuring UK residents live in a cleaner and healthier environment
  • Better protection against diseases and hazards that can otherwise be prevented with the correct measures


We are industry experts in the selling of used construction machinery, whether that be to customers based in the UK, or outside of the EU. If you are looking for used excavators for sale, we can provide you with an additional quote for international delivery

Here at IPS, we work closely with a handful of highly trusted and reliable shipping and delivery companies. When you buy used construction machinery from us, you are guaranteed to receive the plant equipment in the same condition it was purchased in.


One of our recent customers was interested in a JCB 3CX for sale. We had the task of confirming the machine was up to exporting standards. For used plant equipment to pass inspections, it needed to be clean of any soil, dirt, and anything that may could retain any form of disease.

Used construction machinery will need more than a brush down and a quick jet wash. In this case, we therefore removed the tyres, took the machine apart, and cleaned the undercarriage of the JCB 3CX.


Whether you’re looking to buy used construction machinery for personal projects or large diggers for construction sites, we’ll have a machine for you.

We have a range of used excavators for sale including:



As well as a range of Terex & Thwaites dumpers, rollers, JCB & Manitou telehandlers, and Backhoe Loaders

Why should you buy used construction machinery from us?


The H.E. Group originally purchase the plant machinery for Diggerland and H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. When machines have been on the fleet for 3 years they are replaced with brand new machines, and passed on to sell. Therefore, you’ll be guaranteed a machine that has low hours and only one previous owner.


When machines are passed onto the sales team, an in depth check is undertaken to find out if there is any damage to the equipment. We would then  restore the machine and repair any dents and scratches, as well as replacing and spraying panels.


In addition, you will receive a warranty on all major components. From the date the machine is collected you’ll be covered should you have any issues. We pride ourselves on reputation and our customer service, so we would correct any faults or issues should they arise.

Finally, contact the team now and call us for a quote on: +44 (0)1634 779123 or email us today.

All information correct as of: 17th January 2020.

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