Big diggers for sale and are they better?

Big diggers for sale

The world of construction is constantly improving, with the help of recent technology breakthroughs such as electric diggers. This has benefited construction sites, making them safer and more efficient! This week we take a look at big diggers for sale from huge construction brands, and if bigger is always better. 


Diggers account for some of the largest machines in the world. For this reason the biggest diggers are used for landscaping, grading, and demolition. Due to the increasing demand for raw materials the need for huge machinery has grown massively. But, what are some of the biggest diggers? To answer this we have created a list of the five biggest diggers in the world.

KOMATSU PC8000  – 675853 KG

Starting the list is the gigantic mining excavator built by Komatsu. The Komatsu PC8000 is the fifth largest excavator in the world. As a result, the machine is commonly used for massive mining operations. The famous Japanese construction company noted it is one of their most powerful machines. Weighing over 60 thousand kilograms we can definitely see why! 

LIEBHERR R9800 – 734820 KG

Following the impressive Komatsu, the fourth largest digger in the world is currently the Liebherr R9800. This monster machine was specially developed with larger scale operations in mind. Weighing up to 730 thousand kilograms this giant machine is also more economical than lighter counterparts. The Liebherr creation only consumes 15% more fuel than smaller models weighing a third of its size. Now that is efficient! 

HITACHI EX8000-6 – 759314 KG

In third place is the world’s largest Hitachi Digger. Weighing up to a staggering 760 thousand kilograms, this ginormous machine is used widely within the world of mining and excavation. Hitachi claims the EX8000-6 was designed to provide comfort, durability and to be easily maintainable. This machine certainly deserves a top spot on our list!

BUCYRUS RH400 – 889041 KG 

Riding in at second place on our list of the biggest diggers in the world is the Bucyrus RH400. This enormous machine was inspired by the Decepticon Demolishor from the well known film Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The famous machine also has a world record for being able to scoop 890 thousand kilograms in just an hour. With all of these achievements under its belt it’s no surprise this huge machine places second on our list!

CATERPILLAR 6090 FS – 907185 KG

Offering the widest payload within the industry the 6090 FS manufactured by Caterpillar tops our list as the biggest digger currently produced. Caterpillar claims to design their machines with the motto “Every day matters and every load counts.” in mind. This is definitely evident with the mind boggling size, matching the weight of nine Blue Whales! The Godzilla of a machine weighs over 900,000 KG! 


The diggers in the list are perfect for bigger than life projects, however, they may be too large for purpose, and everyday jobs. Fortunately, we offer a variety of excavators and other used construction machinery. With an extensive range of big diggers for sale you can be assured that we have the right plant equipment for you. If you’re looking for big diggers for sale, but not to the same extent as the ones mentioned above, here at IPS we have a small handful of large tracked excavators for sale.

LIUGONG 922E- 22,800 KG

China based company LiuGong is a growing competitor in the construction industry, but why choose a 922E model? This powerful machine offers the perfect balance of efficiency, versatility and precise control. This model offers an enhanced power output, faster cycle times and an improved breakout force in comparison to similar models. 

KOMATSU PC360 LC-10 – 36,550 KG

Komatsu PC360LC-10

Komatsu featured on our biggest diggers in the world list ranking at number 5. This specific model may not be as gigantic as the PC8000 but it’s much more practical for your digging needs. The PC360 is a tracked excavator, therefore it is perfect for jobs ranging from landscaping, site preparation and trenching. If you buy a Komatsu you will benefit from the latest hydraulic system which results in increased productivity and control. 

KOMATSU PC490 LC-10- 48,400 KG

When it comes to size the PC490 is one of our largest on our fleet, it is also one of our most versatile. Unexpected right? The machine can tackle all of your digging needs with 6 unique modes. This amazing machine is well known for being prompt, precise and extremely powerful. Furthermore, it runs with an economical Komatsu EU Stage V engine which provides more fuel efficiency. 


We have a range of big diggers for sale on the International Plant Sales website and we can deliver internationally to countries around the world. If you are interested in viewing our amazing range of diggers why not visit our sister company Diggerland? The construction related theme park offers customers a chance to drive a selection of diggers, dumpers and exhilarating attractions. If you have an interest in big diggers for sale the popular theme park has unique experiences such as the Monster Digger experience. This unique experience puts you in control of a gigantic Komatsu PC210 which weighs 20,000 kg! 

If you buy used construction machinery from us, you will also benefit from the following:


The H.E. Group operated using a 3 year policy. Once machines reach this age, new machines are purchased for Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. Therefore, guaranteeing our customers the best quality plant equipment.


When we receive the used construction machinery from our sister companies, we will check the machine over for any damage, scratches and dents etc. The machinery will then be restored to new, using our in house workshop.


For all of our customers buying used plant, we will offer a warranty on all major components. You’ll leave with peace of mind knowing you have a machine that is of the highest quality.

Contact the team now and call us for a quote on: +44 (0)1634 779123 or email us today.

All information correct as of: 30th December 2019.

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