Caterpillar VS. JCB Skid Steers

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When it comes to selecting plant equipment for your fleet or a construction project, it is vital that the correct machinery is chosen to ensure the job is completed to the best standard. Most people tend to only think of excavators and perhaps the odd dumper truck, but the skid steer machine is often overlooked.

Skid steers are becoming an important machinery type, that are becoming increasingly popular for any construction site. They are now able to carry out the same tasks as multiple machines, limiting the amount of machines actually needed. In this week’s news, we focus on the comparison of JCB and CAT skid steers, and the used skid steers we have available here at International Plant Sales.


Skid steers can also commonly be called a skid loader or robots, but essentially they complete the same tasks. They are a small type of construction machinery, but have a very big impact in terms of versatility. Skid steers can complete a multitude of jobs including, but not limited to:

  • Backfilling

  • Digging

  • Transporting materials around

  • Trenching

Why would you use a skid steer in comparison to other construction machinery, we hear you ask? Due to the size of the machinery, they can prove advantageous for small or tight spaces on construction and demolition sites. In comparison to something such as a JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader, it can dig and backfill holes, as well as transport material in the scoop, whilst fitting through tighter areas. All skid steers are wheeled machines, rather than being tracked, this is incredibly useful for sites that have uneven ground or rocky surfaces. They have the ability to grip onto terrain better. If you have a construction site that contains masses of grass or sand, then a tracked excavator would be ideal.


Caterpillar, now known as CAT are a very popular and well trusted supplier of construction machinery, especially skid steers, backhoe loaders and dumper trucks. Caterpillar was originally established in 1925 when The Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L Best Tractor Co. merged. The first production line consisted of five tractors, that were widely used for farming and agriculture. Caterpillar focused solely on machinery used for agricultural purposes, mainly tractors in the earlier years until 1998 when a compact construction equipment produce line was manufactured. Caterpillar celebrated its 90th year anniversary in 2015, reflecting on their company strategy, focusing on finding solutions to help their customers build a better world. Building on their core competencies of operational excellence, increasing safety, quality and competitive cost, Caterpillar aims to be the number one supplier on construction machinery.

Caterpillar are obviously focused on supplying the global market, with the best quality construction machinery in mind. In recent news, CAT rolled out 16 brand new D3 series skid steers. The D3 model supports smart attachments, which is a first for the construction industry. This will enable operation to be much quicker for the operator, the technology will acknowledge particular plant equipment and attachments and adjust the controls to suit the task at hand.

CAT have various other skid steers available including the D and D2 models. The difference between the older models and newer ones, is that on the newer machines, the cab door opens further to allow easier access to the cab, and the distance between the joystick controls has increased to ensure there is plenty of room for the operator. 

The 216B Series 3 skid steer loader, is a similar comparison to one of their biggest competitors, JCB. With an operating capacity of around 650 – 700kg, what skid steer would you choose?


The family business of JCB was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford. Shortly after the creation of the company, the first industrial front end construction loader was manufactured. This machine was very versatile, and carried out scooping, lifting and bulldozing, which was perfect for the farming and agricultural industry. In 1953, JCB then released the first global backhoe loader, bringing hydraulic power to the construction world.

Excavators and backhoe loaders were the main construction equipment manufactured, until JCB launched the JCB 525 Telescopic Handler in 1979, changing the construction industry as we know it today. From here, the innovation of plant equipment evolved and consumers saw the world’s safest skid steer developed. Skid steers were then considered to be serious competitors against the likes of backhoe loaders and small dumper trucks. The multi purpose skid steer was easier to handle, safer to access and with added efficiency, what’s not to like?

Being a popular company for a range of construction machinery, JCB celebrated the sale of their millionth machine in 2013. With quality environmental efficient machines in mind, JCB are maximising the sales they make to the global market.

In 2017, JCB released the Teleskid, the first skid steer machine that is equipped with a single telescopic boom, allowing it to complete more tasks and reach higher areas. The Teleskid can do the same work as four machines in one, minimise the amount of machines you may require on a construction site, when the teleskid can become a forklift, a telehandler, a skid steer and a compact wheel loader. 


As we stock other JCB machinery such as the JCB Hydradig Wheeled Excavator and JCB 3CX Backhoe Loaders here at International Plant Sales, it would make sense to stock JCB skid steers. Although we don’t currently stock CAT machines, we have a diverse range of JCB Skid Steers available to purchase. With various machine hours, ages and specifications that are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Many of our used Skid Steers are given to us from Diggerland, along with a range of other used construction machinery, so you’re guaranteed to receive a high quality machine. 


Located around the UK  in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks is the only construction themed attraction that allows both children and adults to operate real life construction machinery including dumpers and excavators. With 20 different rides and drives in the park, a lot of used construction machinery is passed on to the sales team at IPS to sell. Every three years new machinery is purchased the machinery at the Diggerland parks. 

We would highly recommend purchasing used skid steers and other construction equipment from Diggerland as:

  • None of the Diggerland machinery has been used on a construction site. The machinery is used solely for operation within the park for the attractions.

  • All of the machinery has very low hours. This is due to the machines being turned off over long periods of time, and not left in idle mode. The machines are only used when customers are wanting to operate them. 

  • All the machinery is purchased from new by H.E. Group, and then distributed to each of the four parks. We can tell you where the machine was used, as well as providing a full service history.


Masterhitch, another sister company of ours, are leading digger bucket and attachment manufacturers. They produce and create bespoke plant accessories for H.E. Group, as well as external projects for customers. Should you require a quote for any attachments for your used skid steers, please let us know when you speak to our sales team.

Additionally, Masterhitch can offer bespoke services that entail anything from profile cutting to bucket rehangs and plate steel rolling.

If you’re looking to buy used skid steers, we highly recommend visiting our head office in Strood, Kent. As a customer, you will have peace of mind knowing you have seen the machine you will be purchasing. We can also send you any additional photos and video you require, if you aren’t able to travel down to us. 

Contact the team today by emailing or calling 01634 779123.

All information correct as of: 10th September 2019.

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