What Construction Machinery can be used for Demolition?

Excavator used for demolition

Here at International Plant Sales, we offer a range of different used construction machinery to cater to a variety of tasks. Of course, these machines can be used for more than just the construction of buildings; they are also brilliant for demolishing and breaking down buildings. We offer machines for all stages of the demolition process, including the pulling down of structures, separation of materials, and material handling that would be required in the post-demolition stage. Let’s take a look at some of the used construction machinery we have to offer:


Excavators are the go-to machine for demolition work. They can be configured with a variety of different attachments to easily carry out a multitude of tasks. It is their versatility that makes them so useful in the construction and demolition industry.

At IPS, we have many different types of excavator to suit any demolition project. Here are a few of the machines we have to offer:

KOMATSU PC26 MR-3Komatsu PC26MR-3

The PC26 is a mini excavator suitable for a variety of uses. Operators can attach a range of tools and attachments, and can be used for both small scale projects, and larger demolition work. While the PC26 doesn’t have the reach that some larger excavators have, it is able to fit in much tighter spaces, making it great for working up close within a demolition site. With a breaker attachment, the PC26 can make short work of walls and small buildings, and would work well alongside a small site dumper.


PC138s are a good all-rounder machine for construction and demolition. It’s  a 14 tonne machine, that is able to use a variety of attachments suitable for demolition. This could include anything from breakers, used to break up hard surfaces and materials, to grapples, which are used to carry materials post-demolition to load onto dumpers ready for disposal. When equipped with a ripper attachment, a PC138 can break up rocky and solid terrain, and pull down mid-sized structures.


The Komatsu PC210 SLF is a long reach excavator capable of extending further than traditional excavators, while still providing versatility in terms of the attachments it can handle. The longer arm enables it to reach over and around obstructions, as well as reaching higher points on buildings, where other excavators would not be as effective. Long reach excavators also allow for the demolition of buildings from a safe distance, minimising the risk to operators and demolition workers.


Dumpers are used on almost any construction or demolition site. They are used primarily for moving around materials, whether it’s moving small loads to be disposed of elsewhere, or moving larger, heavier materials to another machine to be broken down. If you’re taking on a demolition project, and are considering investing in some used construction machinery, you should definitely buy a dumper. We have a range of site dumpers and dumper trucks available including:


Terex 1 Tonne

The Terex 1 Tonne dumper is a small site dumper with a straight tip skip, and an elevating skip loader. This dumper is particularly useful for smaller demolition sites that wouldn’t have space to operate a large dumper truck or HGV. The elevating skip also allows this site dumper to load larger skips or trucks with material. This dumper would be used to transport materials which have already been broken up.


The Thwaites 6 Tonne dumper is a fantastic machine for transporting all sorts of materials to and from various sections of a demolition site. With a six tonne skip capacity, it can carry anything from a heap of gravel, to large un-broken sections of material. The six tonne skip also has a swivel capability, so can tip to its side as well as the front. This makes it especially useful on sites where space is limited. If you’re looking to buy a dumper,  this is a very adaptable machine that would be beneficial for any construction or demolition site.


If you’re looking for a larger dumper truck capable of transporting an immense heap of material, the Hydrema 912E is a strong contender. Its straight tip skip has a ten tonne capacity, capable of carrying large loads including processed and unprocessed materials. The 912E also comes fitted with flotation tyres, which means low ground pressure, and makes the vehicle steady on even soft terrain. The low ground pressure makes these dumpers perfect for working on sites where minimal damage to the ground is required. The flotation tyres minimise the compaction of the surface underneath due to the low pressure and wide footprint of the tyre. 


Skid Steer Loaders are a compact and cost effective solution to demolition. The size of the machine means they can fit into enclosed spaces, where excavators and backhoe loaders will not be able to fit. They can be mounted with over 25 different attachments, and are incredibly versatile.

If you’re looking to buy a JCB, take a look at our JCB skid steer:



The JCB 135 Skid Steer Loader is a great little machine that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Attach a bucket, and it can be used to load small heaps of material onto a dumper truck or skip. Attach a breaker, and the skid steer can get hands on in the demolition process, demolishing small buildings and breaking up materials such as brick and concrete. Skid Steers can also be used as forklifts, to transport equipment or material across the site. The JCB SSL 135 is the most fuel efficient machine in its class.


Backhoe loader is a fantastic piece of construction equipment for any project. They come with a front mounted loader, as well as a rear mounted excavator arm, capable of mounting a variety of attachments. Here at International Plant Sales, we have the JCB 3CX ECO, described as “the world’s number one backhoe loader”. If you’re looking to buy a JCB, this is the best on the market.


The JCB 3CX ECO backhoe loader is a great addition to any demolition fleet. With its dual controls, it can perform a variety of different jobs on a demolition site. The backhoe can be fitted with a wide range of different attachments, including excavator buckets and hydraulic breakers. The backhoe can take a variety of different excavator attachments, making it a versatile tool for demolition and construction projects. The front loader can also attach different attachments, including the standard bucket, and a forklift attachment. These can be used to move materials post-demolition and load them into a larger dumper unit to transport elsewhere.


Masterhitch Europe Ltd are part of the H.E. Group. They do a lot of work internally for the other companies, creating bespoke digger attachments and buckets, as well as working externally on projects for customers. 

We will happily provide a quote for any buckets or attachments when you enquire about a particular machine with us, so there’s no reason for you to be limited with your construction equipment. Masterhitch are leaders in the design and manufacturing of a large range of plant accessories for construction and demolition projects. If you need bespoke excavator attachments, they should be your first port of call. 


Most of our used construction and demolition machinery is received from our sister company H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. Machinery is bought from new for all of the 10 UK based depots, ready for them to go out on hire to their customers. When the current batch of machines reach 3 years old, new machinery is purchased, and the used demolition equipment is then passed onto the team at International Plant Sales to sell. They hire out a range of machinery including excavators, telehandlers, rollers and dumpers to the UK, and they can also offer international delivery due to the extensive partnerships with transport companies.


We are also partnered with Diggerland UK Theme Parks. There are four parks located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. The machines are specially adapted by our sister company Masterhitch, to ensure they are user-friendly, as children and adults are like can operate and drive real-life construction machinery. Similar procedures are in place for Diggerland, in regards to the machinery; machinery is purchased from new, and replaced after 3 years on average for all of the parks. Then the old machinery is given to IPS for resale.

Many of our JCB SSL 135 Skid Steers are received from Diggerland, as well as JCB 3CX Backhoe Loaders, and a range of excavators and dumpers. If you’re looking to buy a dumper, or buy a JCB, you might consider buying an ex-Diggerland machine as:

  • All machines have low hours
  • Are in exquisite condition
  • Have never been used on a construction site, as they are designed to be operated by children

We have recently written a blog post, exclusively on Diggerland machinery, so be sure to have a read and contact our sales team if any machines are of interest to you.

If you’re interested in buying used demolition equipment, give IPS a call on +44(0)1634 779123, or contact the team today!

All information correct as of: 29th August 2019.

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