Why buy a JCB Skidsteer?

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If you need to buy a JCB Skid Steer to fulfil your construction or building needs, then you have come to the right place.

At International Plant Sales, formerly BuyADigger, we have all kinds of JCB Skid Steer for sale with various hours, machine ages and specifications to meet your JCB Skid Steer purchasing requirements.

We are here to tell you why you might need to buy a JCB Skid Steer for your construction needs. With so many brands selling Skid Steers from JCB to Bobcat, it may be quite confusing when trying to decide, but fear not International Plant Sales are here to help and guide you however we can in the construction world.

What is a Skid Steer?

A skid steer, also referred to as a ‘skid loader’ or even a ‘robot’, is a very compact machine with very easy manoeuvrability, perfect for fitting into tight spaces. It is used to fulfil a wide variety of tasks including but not limited to lifting and moving large amounts of earth, digging, raking, drilling, trenching, using the machine as a snow plough or even as a forklift. It also pulls, pushes and lifts all sorts of building and construction material.

Benefits of having a JCB Skid Steer

The benefits of having a skid steer is that these machines are usually much lighter and more manoeuvrable than using a tractor or a front loader, such as a JCB 3CX

JCB Skid steers are wheeled machines rather than tracked, this means that they are more appropriate for harder surfaces as you can put around 7,000 pounds of weight in four points, which will dig into the ground. You are therefore unlikely to want a JCB Skid steer with wheels if you are working on sand or landscaping surfaces such as grass, instead you would most likely need a tracked machine.

The JCB Brand

If you want to buy a JCB Skid steer, you will have peace of mind that JCB is a British multinational corporation, with service and support centres across the UK. JCB also pride themselves on the fact that their Skid steer Loaders are the safest machines in the world.

JCB Skid Steer

JCB are focused on dedicating their time and effort into ensuring their machines are built with the operator and productivity in mind. This is why the cab of the machine is built to be as comfortable as possible for long periods of sitting and operating these Skid steer machines on a construction or building site. Tremendous leg room is provided and the machines come complete with heating and air cooling. The noise levels for JCB Skid steers is also considerably reduced. In addition, all machines have a seat belt and safety bar installed.

Take for example the JCB Skid steer 135:

  • Cab has a 46% bigger cabin space than competitor machines. 
  • The cab door has a unique slide door entry functionality which ensures easy and safe entry and exit.
  • The cab door is side entry and exit, as opposed to being at the front of the machine.
  • Cab has 270 degree visibility with 60% better visibility that competitor machines on the market.
  • This machine has 20% better breakout forces.
  • A dump height of 2260mm.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability.
  • More than 25 different digger attachments can be fitted to this particular machine for any application.
  • Quick hitch and easily interchangeable range of attachments.

Most JCB machines also come with multi-function joysticks, a fully adjustable suspension seat, ergonomically placed gauges, a radio option, cup holders and storage areas with a 12 volt charge point for a mobile phone.

A comfortable operator will be much more productive and will therefore provide more profitability.

Optimum Safety in Mind

The JCB Skid steers are often used in waste management and recycling. These machines are therefore around other much larger construction machinery vehicles when on site. This is why the JCB Skid steer provides maximum protection to keep both the operator and machine out of harm’s way.

Suitable Attachments

An extremely versatile machine, the JCB Skid steer is able to connect a vast range of 25 attachments suitable for multiple tasks. These attachments include the 6 in 1 bucket, sweeper collector and swing hoe. We can give you a quote for these if it is something you require too.

Advantages of buying from International Plant Sales

When you buy a JCB Skid steer from International Plant Sales, you will be receiving a machine that:

  • Has a full service history
  • One previous owner
  • Warranty on all major parts
  • Also, the majority of our machines are on average only 3 years old, when we get them from either Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd.

Contact International Plant Sales to buy a JCB Skid steer

If you are looking for a used JCB Skid steer for sale then, take a look at the range of machines we have available. Please speak to a member of the sales team at International Plant Sales.

All information correct as of: 17th June 2019.

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