Why Buy a JCB 3CX?

buy a jcb 3cx

So you have a big project coming up and in order to carry out the job, you need a digger. You’re thinking about whether to buy a JCB 3CX but aren’t too sure on whether it’s the right machine. We get it! With so many makes and models of excavators and other plant machinery available, which one is right for the job?

In large it really does depend upon what you are doing, however here we will talk you through the JCB 3CX and why we think it is an ideal choice to place on a construction site. First of all the JCB 3CX has a front bucket and a backhoe loader, making this machine extremely versatile offering various features. You can dig, lift and manoeuvre a JCB 3CX very easily, which in turn will help to maximise your productivity.

The JCB 3CX is sold world-wide and is a market leader in 74 countries. Around half of all the backhoe loaders sold in the world today are JCBs. This is because JCB machinery is built with quality, reliability, durability and innovation in mind.


The powerful engine on these machines enhances overall performance with the fuel usage of a low power unit. There is super easy access to the hood and engine on a JCB 3CX, meaning you can carry out your checks prior to using the machine with minimal effort. Most JCB 3CX machines have an auto-check, meaning all of your fluids will be checked by the machines computer. As soon as you turn the key on, you will receive a warning light if you are running low on any liquids or if there is another issue with the machine (which hopefully there will not be). JCB build their own engines meaning you are guaranteed a very robust engine and machine overall. The whole powertrain is actually made completely by JCB including the JCB built transmission and axels. This allows for extreme efficiencies.


Lets talk torque! Torque is how much power that is put to the ground; it is where the rubber meets the road. Most JCB 3CX machines have a 91 horse-power engine and this will give 320 pounds of torque. The backhoe loader is a truly incredible efficient machine.


There are various different transmission options with a JCB 3CX backhoe:

  • 4 speed power shift intermission
  • 4 speed power shift intermission (with torque lock)
  • 6 speed auto shift transmission with torque lock


One thing you will notice about the JCB is the hose route. There is nothing for the hoses to get caught on, as they are all tidy and compact. With a JCB backhoe loader, the lower and lighter part of the machine is the extendable part, whereas with most competitors it is the other way around. This makes a big difference when digging, as with a JCB 3CX, there is more stability when using various attachments on the backhoe. An option on the backhoe is the lifting link, so if you do any heavy lifting using the backhoe, it is a very safe way to wrap a chain.


JCB backhoe loaders are usually equipped with Michelin tyres. You would normally have an 18 inch tyre in the front and a 28 inch tyre in the back, however of course there are slight variations to this. The Michelin tyres will give a longer tread life, better performance and traction on the ground, as well as more push when using road applications. There are other options of tyre available for the JCB 3CX and depending on your application; each tire will have its own benefit.


JCB really do take a lot into consideration when designing and manufacturing their machines. They want to ensure that their customers have an exceptional machine that will last a long time. This is why they think carefully about every detail. Important stuff for you, the customer if you want to buy a JCB 3CX or indeed any other JCB machine.

One big fear for any customer purchasing a machine is that a user would put diesel fuel in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, which would cause a lot of damage to the machine. Therefore JCB have implemented a different key for the DEF tank. The key for the DEF tank and the key for the fuel tank are very different, and in addition the two tanks are on opposite sides of the JCB 3CX machine, so it should therefore be very difficult for the operator to accidentally put diesel in the DEF tank.

In extremely cold countries such as Canada for example, one of the concerns of customers is that with the cold temperatures, the DEF is over 60% water and so may crystallise. JCB have tested the DEF tank in some of the coldest countries in the world and we’re pleased to say that there has been no problem at all.


JCB offer three different counterweight options:

  • 220 pound option, 
  • 397 pound option,
  • 750 pound option.


JCB have the unique tool carrier design with a mechanical self-level, which is a great feature and will ensure your bucket is kept in a nice level position wherever you leave it. You have multiple different bucket arrangements on the JCB 3CX front loader. Most of the time the 3CX machine will come with a 6 in 1 multi-purpose bucket, which is 92 inches wide and has a 1.3 yard capacity.

Various attachments can be used on a JCB 3CX including but not limited to a hydraulic broom or a snowplough, which makes this a very versatile piece of equipment.


At the rear of the machine, there are stabilisers which are used to steady the machine and prevent it from tipping over. In addition the kingpost carriage on a JCB 3CX is extremely heavy, meaning the weight of the machine in the back will prevent the machine from tipping over.


The cab of a JCB 3CX is quite spacious. The windows are large and you can lock them into place, preventing them from swinging around as you’re using the machine. There is very good visibility with little in the way of obstruction all around within the cab, making it easy to look down at the ground and also outside. If you work with salt and various types of dirt and gravel, you don’t have to worry about the floor rusting within the cab of a 3CX, due to the robust material used in the flooring of a JCB cab.


JCB offers 3 types of controls for the operator to use inside the cab: Advance easy control Easy control Standard SAE backhoe controls The controls within a JCB 3CX backhoe loader are extremely smooth; it is actually very hard to be jerky with the controls on this machine.


The steps on the JCB 3CX Backhoe loader are very large in depth and width. Under one of the steps is also a good size toolbox with lots of storage space. The 3CX machines have built in bumper protection which ensures the hood does not get damaged.

There is a battery disconnect which can be found when the grill at the front of the digger is unlocked and opened. This is perfect for when the machine is left on the road, as the battery can be disconnected so that no one can tamper with the machine.


If you wish to buy a JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader, speak to the team at International Plant Sales.

International Plant Sales have various machines including the JCB 3CX for sale. When buying from Buy A Digger, you have peace of mind that the machines are usually only a few years old and come from one owner.

International Plant Sales is part of the H.E. Group, whereby machines are bought new every three years or so. The machines are used by either H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks and once used for a few years, are then sold on to buyers within the UK and around the world. Our team will be more than happy to send you photographs and videos of the machine in stock. You may also come and meet the team and see the machines available for sale in person. In addition, you visit the H.E. SERVICES Strood depot, as well as the local Diggerland park, if you so wish to see for yourself how the machines we are selling are used prior to being sold.

All International Plant Sales machines come with a 1 month warranty, which starts from the date the machine is collected, and covers any major components. Further information regarding our warranty service can be viewed here: FAQs. For further information, to view our most up to date machine list or buy a digger, including the JCB 3CX for sale, please contact mail@ipsplant.com

All information correct as of: 30th April 2019.

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