Can International Plant Sales offer delivery?

Global Shipping - Used Plant Machinery

At International Plant Sales, formerly BuyADigger, we don’t just end our services when you purchase from us. We do like to go the extra mile, and offer the option for transportation of your newly purchase machinery to your chosen destination, if needed of course!

Whether you are a UK based company, or an independent buyer purchasing internationally, we have got you covered. We can take care of all of your shipping needs and requirements. We work closely with specialised shipping companies to allow us to offer international delivery. Being a UK based company we have delivered equipment to the likes of: Iceland, Kenya, Ontario and many other places. You can view the full map to find out if we have delivered to a location near you, and if not, then we would love to make it happen.

We only work with the most trusted and professional companies, who have years of experience in the construction industry, as well as shipping heavy construction machinery, to give you peace of mind that your purchased machinery will arrive in the exact condition, as when you purchased it. These companies are located within the UK, USA and Europe which gives them scope nationally and internationally. We also offer shipping by Sea-freight using RoRo, LoLo and shipping by containers, as well as in-land haulage.

International Plant Sales are part of H. E. Services, that also have a Plant Hire company, as well as a Transport Services department. For deliveries within the UK we can offer the use of our own national fleet of low-loaders and beaver-tail trucks. Due to the nature of national hire, our dedicated staff are experts in preparing, dismantling and securing machinery onto transport for shipment to locations. We also have the capacity to move machinery up to 60 tons.


We are happy to help any way we can, if you are thinking of purchasing your next machine from us, and are not sure about how you are planning on transporting the machine, then contact us today. Alternatively, you can request a quote for delivery at: with details of what machine you are looking to purchase and the delivery destination.

All information correct as of: 20th March 2019. 

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